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Welcome to the page of Bonny's Litter. Bonny had five puppies on February 21, 2009: 1 girl and 4 boys. They will be 8 weeks old, and ready to go to new homes on April 18, 2009. Click on any picture to see a larger picture. Please enjoy the new vidoes of the puppies! Or ... how would you like to see last year's litter?

  1. Pink Girl will be moving to San Diego, California to live with my co-best friend! Michael is going to give this little girl a wonderfully happy new life in his gorgeous new home ... a nice big yard all of her own, a park close by where he can take her to play, jaunts on the beach, walks in Balboa Park, all the chew toys a Westie could dream of, a Westie friend to visit on weekends ... a Panorama-ic view of Normal Heights ... and close to the intersection of Park and Normal! I'll bet there's a Denny's close by where they can get breakfast!
  2. Blue Boy will be moving to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to live the good life with two lovely ladies, Ellen and Dolly. They're looking for a handsome guy to spoil, and ol' Blue Boy here seems like just the feller!
  3. Green Boy will be moving to Philadelphia be the favorite companion of a very lovely 9 year old young lady, Clarissa.
  4. Yellow Boy will be remaining in the South! He'll be a true southern gentleman as he strolls with his lady, Crystal, through the parks of Atlanta, Georgia!
  5. Orange Boy ... oh goooooody! He gets to go live in the country with plenty of places to play ... he'll go for long walks with Kelly, and sometimes they'll go to Memphis to visit a doggie friend ... Orange Boy will call Corinth, Mississippi his new home!


Meet the parents ... The father (on the left) is Roscoe and the mother (on the right) is Bonny. Click on their pictures to be taken to their web pages and see their pedigrees.

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Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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