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Here we share the pictures and stories of the many wonderful creatures who have passed through our home ... on their way to their new, forever, permanent homes.

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We receive many endearing letters from our new families telling us about the new lives our puppies are living and sharing pictures of our puppies in their new homes. With permission, we have included many of those letters and pictures on this page. Please enjoy browsing through these wonderful testimonials!

We also invite you to connect with other Nancy's Westies families through our Facebook page:


An update from Katie in Mequon, Wisconsin, on February 10, 2022:

Hi Frances,

I wanted to share with you that Winston passed the AKC Good Citizens program with flying colors. He is 11 months old now and I am so proud of him. He is ready for the task of being a therapy dog at Children’s hospital.
He is a wonderful dog. 

Thank you!
Katie Dewey



From Meredith in Burleson, Texas, on May 19, 2021:

Hi, Frances! Here's the latest picture of my boys. Both of them are Nancy's Westies! Murphy (Rae and McPhearsom's blue pompom boy 09-13-2011) is sitting on the wooden table and Finnley (Arabel and Arthur's green bow tie boy 06-04-2020) is sitting on my lap. This was on Mother's Day 2021 a few weeks ago. After losing my childhood dogs due to old age, I was heartbroken. After doing lots of research and meeting several wonderful Westies as a child, I took a leap of faith and emailed Nancy late one night almost ten years ago. She was the sweetest, and clearly passionate about her Westies, even via email! Fortunately, there were about to be some puppies born. A little over two months later, I met the first love of my life, Murphy, at the Houston airport. He came bouncing out of his crate, and we have been the best of friends ever since. He is every bit of healthy, and he is the perfect mix of sweet, protective, and intelligent. During the pandemic, I noticed that Murphy really could use a friend. I emailed Nancy's Westies again, and was shocked to learn that Nancy had moved into Heaven when her daughter, Frances, emailed me back. Just as sweet as her mom, Frances put me on the waiting list. Again, a little over two months later, Frances' husband, brought the second love of my life, Finnley, right to my front door here in Houston. Finnley is my affectionate little firecracker -- way too intelligent for his own good and full of energy! He loves to snuggle with me, and he also enjoys playing with and practicing tricks with his big brother, Murphy! I'm so grateful Nancy's children carry on her legacy. They've given me my joymakers aka the best dogs ever, and I have no doubt they’re making their mom, Nancy, so proud.




From Katie in Mequon, Wisconsin, on May 20, 2021:

We just picked up Winston on May 5th. We are from Wisconsin and Frances sent a reliable and kind young man, Sam to meet us in St Louis. From the minute we found out that we were going to get one of Nancies Westies it was smooth sailing. Great communication along with updated photos and videos. A great experience and we just love our new addition Winston.




From Cari in Corona, California, on May 20, 2021:

We received our winston on May 14th. We absolutely love him. I was so worried about having a puppy being shipped all the way to California. Everything went so smoothly!




From Kim in Springfield, Missouri, on May 20, 2021:

This is our Ellie May in Springfield, Missouri. We love her to the moon and back. She turned 2 on March 8th. So happy you are carrying on Nancy's legacy.




From Kim in Philpot, Kentucky, on May 20, 2021

This is Lily from duces darlings litter aka pink lace girl. She is such a sweetheart and a little rascal and we love her to pieces. Nancy's westies answered every email, every text message and video chatted as well. Little lily is happy and healthy in Kentucky.



From Lori in Phoenix on December 6, 2010:

Hi Nancy!
Just wanted to thank you for the best dog ever!!!!
We love our Westie Katie! (She was "Yellow Girl" from Meig & Tristan in April 2009.)
She is the cutest dog we have ever had, very well behaved now (since we have been to obedience school) and follows me everywhere! She is such a joy and we are thankful for her everyday! Thank you for raising such a great quality dog and hope you have a Merry Christmas, too!
Lorie, Dave & Katie





Methia and Lauri

Hi Nancy

Today Methia is 2! It is I who wish to thank YOU. You were right. She is the best. As you will see in the attached photos, she is a can do doggie - - from hiking mountains in Colorado to retrieving her ball in the ocean in Florida to spotting falcons from her NYC apartment. She is full of life and love and spunk and intelligence. And, she became best buddies with Dad's wonderful Laurie (7 in October). Methia is now registered as a Pet Partner, Delta Society therapy dog. I taught her a bunch of basic tricks, so she keeps kids with cancer at hospitals so happy.

Bless you for contacting me when she was born.

Hope you are well and thriving.

Warmest regards






From Lori in Phoenix on December 6, 2010:

Hi Nancy!
Just wanted to thank you for the best dog ever!!!!
We love our Westie Katie! (She was "Yellow Girl" from Meig & Tristan in April 2009.)
She is the cutest dog we have ever had, very well behaved now (since we have been to obedience school) and follows me everywhere! She is such a joy and we are thankful for her everyday! Thank you for raising such a great quality dog and hope you have a Merry Christmas, too!
Lorie, Dave & Katie




From Judy on November 12, 2010:

Hi Nancy,
Since we're celebrating Charley's second birthday, I decided to email you to say hello. You'll remember Charley as Mairi's green boy, born November 2008. I just want to say that he is the best little companion I could hope for. He is still rambunctious, but I can't stay mad at him for long because he's so cute and his antics are so silly! Naomi is a freshman in college now (Arizona State) and Charley is helping to ease me through the empty nest period. I'm sending you this picture because it's one of my favorites, and it captures perfectly his feisty, "let's go have some fun" attitude. Thanks for your part in making it possible for us to have Charley in our lives. I couldn't imagine life without him.
Judy xxxx




In June of 2009, Gwenever had an exceptionally pretty litter of puppies ( See litter here), one of which stayed right here in Arkansas to live with Jimmie and Rex. Jimmie sends me updates from time to time on Tallulah, but I especially enjoyed this one sent on September 25, 2010:

Hi, Nancy,

I have been meaning for months to write you and tell you what a wonderful little dog Tallulah is. She grew up to be long of body and of legs--rather lanky like me--and REALLY smart. I took her to both puppy and intermediate training, and I was told by both instructors that she was the most "focused" Westie they had ever seen. She does the usual stuff like sit and lie down and tricks like "Jump for Joy" and "Take a Bow." She definitely works for food! ... so Tallulah is Only Dog now, thank you very much, and enjoying getting all of the attention. I honestly think she would desert us if we got another dog. As Only Dog, she gets to the library to tussle with Bubby the West Fork Library cat, to the farmers' market and recycling center, and to her favorite place, Sonic, where she gets ice cream. I am including a short video of Bubby and her playing together. Enjoy!

And here is a link to the video! I just had to share!




You guys have got to see this! Caleb (see Kensie's Green Boy) went to Orange County, California to live with Kevin and Monica. They took him to the Orange County Westie Rescue Walk and made a youtube! Here's the link: ! Check it out! Oh My Goodness Golly Darn!!! How cute is that????





A dear friend in San Diego (Michael) decided he just had to have a Nancy's Westie, so we took him a very special girl from Bonnie's Feb '09 litter. Michael named her Lile (the Gaelic spelling of 'Lilly') ... and then he decided that he loved and enjoyed Lile sooooo much, that he drove all the way from California to Arkansas to get another precious little girl, this one from Wynnie's July '09 litter! Now Lile has a favorite cousin to play with, and Michael can have a blast watching them tussle. He's sent me many pictures of his girls, and I'll share a few here: Lile on the beach, Lile cooling it on the AC vent, Lile hiding a pig's ear, Lile at Pink's Hot Dog stand, and some pictures of a Westie Cake that another dear friend made ... awsome! And now a video of the girls playing at Fiesta Island doggie park!




We've received several updates from Anne-Marie through the years, and we sure do appreciate it! Anne-Marie and Neve live in Washington, DC ... they are still looking for Sophie, who is also in DC ... she ran for President last year on the 'Dawgacratic' ticket. From Anne-Marie and Neve on Nov 8, 2009:

"Neve (aka yellow boy of Wynnie’s litter born 1/10/08) continues to do well and delight us. He took part in the local Howl-O-Ween parade with his two dachshund neighbors (pic attached). Neve was a bumble bee and his friends were flowers. He is such a joy and we constantly get compliments on what a beautiful Westie he is. Often someone will come up and say something like - my aunt breeds Westies and he is good looking one. It is fine that he is good looking, but we are so happy to have a happy healthy and loving dog in our lives.

Thanks, Anne-Marie"




Received from Laura Nov 8, 2009:

Hi Nancy,

I thought I'd send you a photo of "our Murphy" who lives in Kansas City (dob 12-22-05 Gwenevere and Roscoe's litter) in his Halloween bandana. He exemplifies your line of breeding in appearance and temperament.

He is the love of our lives-we don't know what we did before we had him! Please keep up the great work of breeding and raising such wonderful pups. We may be in the market soon for a brother or sister for Murphy (don't tell my husband!).

Hope all is well with you!




Received from Sarah on Oct 20, 2009:

Hi, Nancy!

Our "Baby Blue Boy" is going to be turning two years old this December! He has been an amazing addition to our family!! We have two sons ages five and seven and "Drake" has been a wonderful companion to them. He spends lots of time playing, but also is a perfect couch companion at night. He has grown to be quite the sturdy boy at 20+ pounds. He just had another check-up at the vet at which my husband was told Drake is the only Westie he sees in his practice that he considers to be healthy. He doesn't have any teeth or skin/allergy issues and the vet says he is in perfect shape.

I wanted to write you a letter when we first got him, to sing your praises about how much we love our little guy. However, I figured my words would carry more weight now that we've had him as a part of our family for over a year and a half. He is a wonderful dog!




Dear Nancy,

Just wanted to give you an update on Bella. Believe it or not, she will be one year old on 02/20/09. She has been such a blessing for the both of us. She's been all small challenge, but worth all of it. She has been such a blessing for the both of us. Kylee has finally accepted her as her 'sister' . My mother has accepted her as a grandaughter. I'm waiting for the day that I can take her to the hospital as a therapy dog. She has been a challenge and a blessing. Thank you. David, Evie




Hi Nancy,
I just wanted to check in and let you know Bradley (formerly Black Stars Boy) is doing great! It was in the 70's this week so I took him to the beach. I've attached a photo. Enjoy! -Brea





I just wanted to send you some pics and an update of our baby boy. He was Green Boy from Roscoe and Bessie’s litter born March 2, 2008. We named him Finlay Beau (Fin for short) and he has been king of the castle since Day 1 in Fort Worth. The pictures I’ve sent are of Finlay and my son, Ethan. They were lying on the floor of my closet one morning for a belly rub and didn’t know I was there until I snapped the photo (Fin looks a little rough – we caught him a few days before his next haircut). They have a mutual adoration society goin’ on and are pretty much inseparable. My 12 year old dachshund, Rusty, likes Finlay just fine……. When no one else is looking and they are not fighting over Mama’s lap!

We love him dearly and laugh at him daily! Thank you for letting us add one of your beautiful puppies to our family. We’ll come see you again (loved the drive through Arkansas) when we are ready to add to our family again.





Hi Nancy,
I hope you had wonderful holidays. Just wanted to send you an update on ‘baby blue boy’, from Bonnie’s March 2007 litter. (He’s the one you brought out to Southern California with you)
He is such a fabulous little dog. We take him to the local dog park twice a day and he cracks everyone up with his antics. He has to great all the people first and if they don’t say something to him or pet him, he sits at their feet and barks until they do. He also likes to grab the other dogs by their collars and pull them around. I’m including a picture we took in our backyard about a week before Christmas. We got 8 inches of snow in “sunny, Southern California” and Tobey loved it. He would burrow his nose in and get a pile of snow built up on his nose then shake it loose. He keeps us all laughing.
Thank you.




Rosie is doing great! I would say that she is virtually house long as you don’t forget about taking her out for hours. She was spayed a month ago. We have been working on obedience. She is doing pretty good. She has blended in well with the family...including Kobe. Seems that she is keeping him young. Thanks for the email! Christine B

PS I have a neighbor that may be interested in getting one of your puppies...I gave her your information.




Hey Nancy,
Thought I'd send you an update on the boys. They are doing awesome. Such sweet little boys. They love each other so much and have a blast playing (they are actually chasing each other around my chair right now). Jasper has a sweet little personality, eats like a horse, and will do anything for a belly rub!! Thank you again for giving me such great pups!!
P.S. Baby Jasper is in the front, Stuey is in the back. :)




Nancy, here is a couple of pictures of our little "blue boy" He's now called Billy, he is so cute and has such a wonderful personality. As you can see, he smiles alot. Thank you for such a beautiful little westie. Brenda




Riley's first hair cut.... he wasn't that good at the groomers and peed on my foot when I picked him up... I think that was his way of saying he didn't like it so much.... He is growing up so fast! I can't believe he is almost 7 months old.





Maggie II was one of our puppies from 2005. She is now living in South Carolina with Al and Elaine. The following are letters from Al:

Sept 21, 2006

HI Nancy

Maggie II is doing just fine. Crate training has been very successful. Collar training has some plusses and minuses. She has learned to "go to place", which is the crate or her sofa spot. She's so full of energy that it's hard to control her when meeting people on the street. The collar really helps that a lot. All in all, she's a permanent member of the family who gets much love from her owners. I've attached 2 pictures,one at 12 weeks and the other at 8 months.

Jan 30, 2008


Wanted to tell you we are really enjoying Maggie II who is now in her third year. FYI, she is NOT the little demure stereotyped westie. She is her own person, headstrong and at the upper end of westie size -- about 20 pounds. THought you might like to here from a highly satisfied customer





Tripper was a favortie, and we all really grieved when she moved to Sebring, Florida with George and Judy. We named her 'Tripper' because she was always right under our feet ... everybody kept tripping over her. You can see a lot of pictures and videos of Tripper by going to her page: Tripper's Page. The following letter is from George and Judy, after Tripper had been with them for several months.


Tripper has a new name. We registered her with AKC in May 06 as Nube Blanco. Nube is spanish for cloud and blanco is white - hence White Cloud. She is beautiful, energetic and very smart. House training was a snap and she is now the pack leader of this house. We had her spayed in March and she did well. We enrolled her in Pet Kindergarten and she was a riot - the only problem after a couple of sessions - she had all the other dogs intimidated. But she learned many things and still maintains what she was taught. Her groomer told us that when Nube is at her shop for grooming she cannot leave her unattended with the other dogs as she herds all of them into a corner and keeps them there. No doubt she is the pack leader. We took her to Puerto Rico in a carrier inside the Cabin with us and she was absolutely wonderful. No one in the plane realized she was even on board. I guess you can gather from my update that Nube is living La Dolce Vita and enjoying every minute of it. Seriously we just love her and she is a constant source of entertainment and companionship. We are keeping a scrapbook of photo's at different times and would appreciate any photos of her at her earliest stages. Thank you for inquiring about Nube and please stay in touch. Sincerely, George and Judith



Daisy has gone to live with Keren and her family in Sacramento, California ... Keren writes:


I thought you might enjoy this cute photo taken of Daisy on Mother's Day. We just love this little face. She is doing great, growing big (a little over 10 lbs), and we love her to pieces.



Knox is now living in Sacramento, California with Dianna, who is kind enough to keep me updated on his life. Dianna writes:

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to update you on Knox. He's doing wonderfully and is the most delightfully happy puppy all the time. I'm completely in love with him! Just out of curiosity, what grooming method do you suggest? I have found two groomers - one who handstrips and the other who uses clippers - and I'm wondering which you think is best. The groomer who handstrips said the clippers will change the texture of his hair over time and he'll lose his Westie look. The groomer who uses clippers said handstripping is cruel and painful. I don't know what to think! So far I've just been bathing him at home and he's good at letting me clean his ears and cut his nails. He's 15 pounds now and rather muscular so he's filling out very nicely. His coat is very thick and coarse and he has the blackest little nose which I love to wake up to in the morning. I wanted to thank you for breeding such a wonderful Westie and I want you to know he is truly loved and spoiled. I've attached a few pictures of him from earlier today. He's doing great in puppy class and is learning about 2 new commands per week so he was able to sit still and wait while I took the pics. Hope you're doing well!

Cheers, Dianna



Mary first took Busby home and spoiled him Texas-rotten, and then she came back a year or so later to get some double-trouble ... she took Tavish home, too! Mary writes the following:

Hi, Nancy!

I haven't emailed you in a while to let you know how the boys are doing. As you can see from these pictures, those two (along with Lulu, the chihuahua mix) are by no means worried about life!

Tavish is SUCH a sweetheart. He reminds me so much of my Westie, Duncan, that I lost last year. However, when it comes to cookies, he becomes quite the wolverine! But, he is the most loving, gentle puppy I've seen in a very long time. He was neutered right before Thanksgiving, so I'm glad that's over. It did NOT slow him down much.

Busby continues to amaze me with his intelligence. He has learned to shut the refrigerator door when I tell him. He still loves to watch television, especially any program that features dogs, like "The Dog Whisperer" and any of the dog shows on Animal Planet. I was suffering a severe migraine a few weeks ago, and could not get out of bed. He stayed with me all day, even refusing to eat or go outside. I was glad for his company, though. He is truly a Momma's Boy!

Tavish and Busby absolutely adore each other, and are inseparable. Thank you so much for both of my boys. They keep us constantly entertained and we just love having them around.

Hope you and yours are doing well. Let me hear from you soon to see how you are doing.

Happy Holidays!



Angus is a lucky, lucky boy! He lives on the coast of Florida with Carole and her husband. Boy ... I'd sure like to live a dog's life! I've decided that I will just HAVE to go visit my puppies in their new homes!

Feb 13, 2006 Carole writes:

Hello Nancy,

Just a quick note to update you on my spoiled rotten dog Angus, he is doing fine and has had all his shots and is also on the monthly heart guard. He now weighs just over eight pounds and full of energy. He has been quite a handful but very smart and can do a lot of commands but I have had a real hard time house training him and I think we will soon have that won.
I see you have had your hands full with another two litters and they are beautiful although I am a bit biased there and have to say Angus beats them all as you can see by his picture, I just had to send the one of him watching the puppy bowl for your amusement.
My husband left on January 25th for five months headed for Somalia so I bought a web cam to send him video of Angus and it has worked out really well that way he won't miss him growing up so much plus the fact that it gives him some amusement.
I will keep in touch and send more photos maybe even a video. Thanks again for the wonderful little dog.


Dec 13, 2006 Carole writes:

Hi Nancy,
Well Angus is still a little rascal but I love him, he likes to be up high so he climbs on to the table so he can see what's going on, he also loves to play in the pool or should I say at the edge of the pool and loves to get splashed. He hates his feet getting touched and has some weird habits like grabbing a biscuit and hiding in his crate growling for absolutely no reason.  It took me a long time to figure him out but I wouldn't change him for the world, he loves to go long walks in the morning but not in the afternoon (go figure).  We had actually been thinking about getting another one to keep him company but that is still up in the air as yet, he does have the two cats to play with and gets on really well with the male and they chase each other round the house driving me crazy. Hope you like the pictures.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays




This little fella, Buddy, is now living in Portland, Maine with Mary and her son. He is obviously spoiled completely rotten ... Mary writes:

Hi Nancy,

How are you?  Mary here.  I am the blessed owner of Buddy, son of Tristan and Gwenevere, born, 12/17/06 (Red Sequins Boy).  I just wanted to touch base and send you his most recent photos. 

He is more delightful and gorgeous than I could ever have imagined.  He is a JOY, and every day is an adventure just waiting for him to experience.  It appears that the world is his oyster, and he is sure that all good things should come to him, which, of course, they do!  Today is the 4 month anniversary of his arrival to Portland, Maine.  He is currently at the vet's, having his little operation.  He weighs 15 lbs.

Again, thank you for bringing Buddy into our lives.

I hope you are doing well.  I still peek at your website, and can't believe that anyone would prefer any other dog over a Westie!

All the best to you.

Portland, Maine




Trixie lives in Oxford, Mississippi with Kelly. Kelly writes:

Nancy, I am sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  We decided to name her Trixie.  According to Trixie means “bringer of joy” and that is definitely what she is.  It took her no time to warm up to us.  We absolutely adore her.  She still doesn’t want to sleep more than 4 or 5 hours so she wakes us up around 1:30 and again around 5:30.  Over the past week we have been able to take her out to several social gatherings where she has been the belle of the ball.  She gets along well with all the dogs she has encountered.  Our cat is still scared of her, but I think with time that will change.  Kirby is determined that she has grown a lot in this past week.  I can’t see the change but I am sure it is there.  The vet said she was a great little dog.  We will be returning in a few weeks to get her next set of shots.  I am going to attach some pictures of her so that you can see how cute she is.  I will be in touch and send more pics throughout this next year as she grows.




Sydney (aka Mr. Bo Jangles) is living in the beautiful state of Minnesota with Marge, who sent me this much enjoyed update on Sept 3, 2007.

Hi Nancy,
I can’t help but check your website every so often and was delighted to see so many of Sydney’s extended family as part of your website.  We purchased Sydney from you in April of 2005 and he flew from Little Rock to Minneapolis.  By all appearances he was treated well and not at all traumatized by the experience.  He is such a delight to me and since my husband travels much of the time he is my constant companion.  I like to take little mini-vacations and when I do he is boarded at our local “Pet Lodge”.   He stays in  a suite with two beds, sliding glass doors to see the other puppies and of course his own TV turned to Animal Planet.  Nothing but the best for MY Puppy!  He loves to go any place in the car or boat and he really LOVES the snow.  Go Figure!  He is positively wonderful with our three little grandchildren but of course he loves it when they leave so he can once again be the center of attention.  I love him to pieces and don’t know what I did without him.  This picture was taken as he was sun bathing under a tree by the lake.    ... He sure does love the snow.  He sticks his nose down into it and then just jumps up in the air. Yes, he is occasionally hard to find. When I took that picture I tried like heck to get him to wear sunglasses like his dad in his picture.  He would have no part of that.   I’ll be sure to tell him you say hello and give him that scratch. 



Marvin, and his wife Christy, took Beau (aka 'Green Boy') to live with them in Thousand Oaks, California in Feb 2007. In August 2007, Marvin contacted me again, wanting another puppy. Below is some of the communication from Marvin, and a couple of pictures he sent of Beau. You will notice that Beau got stranded in thunderstorms in Dallas and had to spend the night. He is the only puppy I've had that had to overnight at the airport, and I was quite impressed by Marvin's description of his condition when he finally arrived in Los Angeles. Marvin and I did not weather the extended flight nearly so well as Beau ...

Feb 24, 2007: Just an update.  Things aren’t going well for our new baby.  As best I can tell he is stuck in Dallas.  No one at American can tell me what is happening.  Apparently they have now cancelled the 2431 flight he was supposed to be on.  I will keep you updated but we are quite concerned about him ...

Another update.  AA just called.  No flights are leaving DFW at all and none are expected to depart for another 4 – 5 hours due to high winds.  There is no rain, just very strong winds.  They said if he can’t get out tonight they will take him to an overnight kennel.   I don’t know what to do other than to wait and see what happens.  I will continue to keep you posted...

Just an update.  They now have him scheduled on flight 2489 leaving Dallas about 10:40PM (that is the delayed departure time)  arriving LAX about midnight.  If he comes in you can be sure we will be there no matter what time of the night it is.  If it changes I will let you know. ...

I just got off the phone with American cargo.  He is being kenneled overnight in Dallas and is set to leave tomorrow (Sunday) AM on one of the first flights out to LA.  We will contact you tomorrow once we pick him up.  What a day.  Who would have guessed that with clear skies DFW would be shut down for almost an entire day.  I guess they had winds of 56 miles an hour ...

Feb 25, 2007:Just a quick note to tell you the puppy arrived in good shape this morning.  His flight got into LA about 10:00AM today and he came bouncing out of his cage ready to play.  He is very busy exploring his new home and testing out all of his new toys. ... He wasn’t real hungry but was thirsty although he only drank a few sips.  He is very affectionate and just started settling down for his first nap which lasted about 30 seconds.  Guess he needed to recharge his battery real quick. ... Christy thinks it smells like he has had a bath recently so not sure if they cleaned him up at the kennels last night or he had a bath before he left.  His blankets were pretty clean and there were no signs that he had any accidents in his cage.  He has already been out in his new back yard and did his first outside potty for us like a very good boy.  We think we are going to name him Bo but that could change.

Feb 26, 2007: I didn’t mention that there was some of that dog food scattered in the bottom of the crate.  So far his appetite hasn’t been that good but he seems to be adjusting well.  He started his day at 4:30AM (guess I forgot to tell him to reset his clock to California time) and has been running ever since.

Mar 10: Just a quick word to let you know our little Westie is doing great.  He is the joy of our lives.  He is growing rapidly and seems already adjusted to his new home and lifestyle.  I am attaching a copy of a recent picture. ... Just wanted to let you know that everything worked out all right after his overnight stay in Dallas a few weeks ago.  We ended up naming him Beau but had no idea his fathers registered last name was Beau.

Aug 6, 2007:

I don’t know if you remember me but we purchased a Westie pup from you that was born on Jan 1st.  Beau is the little guy who got stuck in Dallas when the weather turned bad.  Anyway, Beau is doing well and is the joy of our lives. What I wondered is if you plan on having any more litters in the near future.  We are thinking it would be great if Beau had a playmate. ... I have attached a recent shot of him playing in the backyard with his ball which you shipped him when he arrived.



Marcia and Barbara drove all the way from Mooresville, North Carolina to pick up Savannah in August 2006. Then, in July 2007, they contacted me wishing to have another! You know, I keep looking at these pictures, and I just think I might need to go on a tour to visit all of my puppies in their new homes! Here's Marcia:

July 26, 2007: Hi Nancy, Here is a picture of Savannah when she turned 1 year old.  She is such a cutie and very sweet and lovable.  She is definitely a handful -- full of energy and into everything . ... Savannah LOVES everyone! and is definitely not shy.  I've never had a Westie with such energy and I would describe her as hyper.  But she is just such a love and loves to be loved.  She requires a lot of attention and my older dog Molly doesn't always have the patience for her.  That's why I'm thinking of another one as a playmate for her. 




We sent little Zoe to live with Patte and her family just outside of Memphis, Tennessee in the Fall of 2007. (Here's Zoe with her littermates) Patte has been wonderful about keeping us updated on Zoe's progress: Here's Patte:

Nov 19, 2007:

Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to let you know Zoe's vet visit went well. The doctor said she was perfect. She commented several times on Zoe's "great Westie coat". My vet is partial to Westies since she owned one for 12 years and said she would probably get another. She loved on Zoe a lot, and all the girls in the office had to hold her and love on her. In just 3 days I've learned quickly about the famous "Westie" personality...she definitely has a mind of her own, and "thinks" that no one is going to tell her what to do. But, she is absolutely adorable and very entertaining! We are totally in love with her! We'll send pictures as she grows & let you know how she's doing.
Thanks again,

Nov 27, 2007:

Hi Nancy,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Zoe. She is such a 'sassy' little girl, but absolutely adorable! Her daddy calls her his 'Sweetheart'. She got her 2nd shot yesterday. She's gained 1/2 lb in a week...she weighs 4 lbs. We're going to Puppy Classes after her next shot in 3 weeks. My vet highly recommended it with Westies. . .she had a Westie herself but lost her at age 12. She loves playing with Zoe when we take her in to
the vet. In fact, all the girls in the office love her! May God give you a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
'Merry Christmas from Patte, Stan, Kristyn, Geordan & Zoe'

Dec 22, 2007:

Zoe says 'Merry Christmas & Happy New Year' to you and all her Westie family and friends! Zoe is doing great. She weighed 5 lbs 9 oz at the vet this past Monday! She is smart as a whip, but quite stubborn too. She's sleeping through the night (7 to 7.5 hours). We can hardly remember life without her.

Jan 30, 2008:

Hi Nancy,
Zoe thought you might like to see her Valentine's Day picture. Isn't she just the most beautiful little girl? Zoe is wonderful! She's doing quite well in Puppy Classes, although she does bark a lot because she wants to be the center of attention and doesn't want to wait her turn to perform. So far, she's done all of her commands when asked in class. She absolutely LOVES playing with the other puppies! (It almost makes me want to get a brother for her, but then I'm not sure I could handle two puppies. They are a lot of work! But well worth it!) She's the smallest puppy in the class, but SHE's the boss. If she wants a toy, the others may as well forget it... Zoe will get the toy and keep it until she's good and ready to give it up. She has sooooo much energy I have a hard time keeping up with her. I can't seem to wear her out no matter how long the walk. I think I should have gotten my Westie 20 years ago! She's doing real well with potty-training. She rings her bell when she needs to go outside to's just so cute. Zoe's still having a lot of trouble with that 'come' command. She just doesn't want to obey that one for some reason. Zoe can make us smile even on a no-so-good day. We simply adore her! Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your little Westies!

Hi Nancy,
I wanted to send you Zoe's Easter picture. Getting her to sit still for a photo session is a real challange, but the picture turned out great. Zoe helped me work in the yard yesterday for the first time...oh my...what an experience! She chased my rake, rolled in the mulch and dirt and tried to eat everything that didn't attempt to eat her first. She had a blast! Oh, I'm also attaching a picture of Zoe in the snow (we got 5 inches last weekend -- that just doesn't happen often in our neck of the woods). Zoe absolutely loved the snow! She would put her head under and tunnel
across the yard and roll around in it. It was so funny! Zoe is the absolute 'sunshine' in my life.
She is still a little stinker, but I love her to death.
Happy Easter,


Zoe, the Westie Puppy, at Valentines
Zoe, the Westie Puppy, playing in the snow
Zoe the Westie Puppy at Christmas
Zoe, the Westie Puppy, enjoying Christmas
Zoe, the Westie Puppy, all dressed up for Easter
The Birthday Girl!
Zoe's First Birthday!





Nancy's Westies
Russellville, AR
Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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Denton Texas, Denton Texas, Berkeley California, Berkeley California, Provo Utah, Provo Utah, Downey California, Downey California, Midland Texas, Midland Texas, Norman Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma, Waterbury Connecticut, Waterbury Connecticut, Costa Mesa California, Costa Mesa California, Inglewood California, Inglewood California, Manchester New Hampshire, Manchester New Hampshire, Lansing Michigan, Lansing Michigan, Murfreesboro Tennessee, Murfreesboro Tennessee, Columbia Missouri, Columbia Missouri, Elgin Illinois, Elgin Illinois, Clearwater Florida, Clearwater Florida, Miami Gardens Florida, Miami Gardens Florida, Rochester Minnesota, Rochester Minnesota, Pueblo Colorado, Pueblo Colorado, Lowell Massachusetts, Lowell Massachusetts, Wilmington North Carolina, Wilmington North Carolina, Arvada Colorado, Arvada Colorado, Ventura California, Ventura California, Westminster Colorado, Westminster Colorado, West Covina California, West Covina California, Gresham Oregon, Gresham Oregon, 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