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Welcome to the page of Meig's Litter. The litter was born on April 14, 2009. There are 3 little girls and 2 strapping boys. They will be old enough to go to their new homes on June 9, 2009. Click on any picture to see a larger picture.

Or ... for a special treat, go to see the pictures of Meig's first litter, and check out their videos!

  1. Purple Girl will be moving to Denver, Colorado to live with the very happy new mama, Bobbi. Bobbi has / had a 12 year old Westie that is the love of her life ... but Bobbi's son loves her too, and he grew up and took Maggie with him. ... so now Bobbi has to get a new baby, and little Miss Purple Girl just fills the bill.
  2. Yellow Girl will be the 'only child' in Dave & Lorie's happy home ... she will live in sunny Laveen , Arizona on an acre lot with 7 large mature pecan trees for a lot of puppy exploring in the shade! Look out Squirrels ... your life has just taken a sharp turn for the worst!
  3. Pink Girl (aka Luna Lovegood of Harry Potter fame) will be living just outside of Boston, Massachusetts with Amy and her 'feller'. She'll have a couple of doggie cousins to play with: a 1-year-old boy yorkie named Presley and a 1.5-year-old girl lab named Bella, both who live very close so they will play often. And then there is the visits 'home' to Martha's Vineyard! There she'll run on trails and play at the beach ... and maybe meet Bill and Hillary.
  4. Blue Boy will be moving to San Francisco, California to live with Luke. He'll play in the doggie parks and run along the beach with Luke and his lady friend, and of course, he'll get to play tag with that lady's pretty little cockapoo! Whooooopie! Look out, Girls! Here he comes!
  5. Green Boy will be moving to Saint Louis, Mossouri to live with Bethany and William. They don't have any people kids yet, so Green Boy will be a surragote for the time being.


Meet the parents ... The father (on the left) is Tristin and the mother (on the right) is Meig. Click on Tristin's picture to be taken to his page and see his pedigree. Meig is one of my babies, so let me give you her family history. Dolly is Meig's mother, and Roscoe is her father. Skeezer and Murphy are Dolly's parents. So ... Meig is a third generation 'Nancy's Westie'.

Nancy's Westies
Russellville, AR
Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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