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Welcome to the page of Mairi's Litter. Click on any picture to see a larger picture or check out the videos!

  1. Purple Girl will be staying right here in Arkansas where she is nice and close to many of her relatives and can often come to visit.
  2. Red Girl will be layin' down the law in Naples, Florida. She'll be the colleague of Staphanie and her fiancé. They had the good fortune to doggie sit with a friend's Westie and fell in love. Who wouldn't? Once you've known a Westie, just no other doggie will do!
  3. Blue Boy (aka Max) will be Sarah's favorite guest at her 17th birthday party! He'll be residing just outside of Baltimore, Maryland with Sarah and her mom.
  4. Green Boy will be moving to a rustic part of Oakland, California (where there are lots of trees, birds, and squirrels) to live in loving harmony with a cat named Posie, a lady named Judy, and her beautiful daughter, Naomi!
  5. Yellow Boy (also aka Max) will become the bouncing baby boy of Mr. and Mrs. Behl. He'll go to live in their lovely home in the beautiful and historic state of Massachusetts (who decided how to spell Massachusetts?).
  6. Orange Boy is now Charlie's best buddy! He'll be living in Bossier City, LA and working hard at proving that 'little man syndrome' can be a good thing!


Tristin the AKC Registered STUD West Highland White Terrier

Meet the parents ... The father (on the left) is Tristin and the mother is Mairi. Mairi's father is Roscoe, and her mother is Wynnie. Wynnie is the daughter of Murphy and Skeezer, so these puppies are Skeezer and Murphy's great-grandchildren. Click on their pictures to be taken to their web pages and see their pedigrees.

Nancy's Westies
Russellville, AR
Westie puppies wrestling in the grass
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